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Interested in Becoming a #DEN Table Host?

Thank you for your interest in serving as a table host at an upcoming Dîner en Noir Event. 


Your participation will help make this event a tremendous success and ultimately, make it possible for us to carry this tradition on for upcoming years, connecting and reconnecting people of your city’s dining community.


Unlike with many charity events, being a table host does not require you to “purchase” a table.  So, what do you do? You’d simply serve as a point of contact for your invited guests.  Invite friends, neighbors, fellow foodies, members of your social organizations, business associates and anyone else who might be interested in joining you and engaging in a fully immersive dining experience. 


You are not limited on the number of guests you invite, however, it is our desire, and in order to receive your refunded Full Experience Registration cost that you secure at least 10 Full Experience registrations.  Once approved for a Table Captain/Host, you will be listed on the registration form.  Please be sure to have your guests register under your name so that we’ll know to sit you all together.


Registration for your guests must be completed by the Late Registration Deadline.  Some Table Host requirements can be found in the  below “How to be a  #DEN Table Host in 7 Easy Steps!” For questions or concerns,  please contact us at


Please accept our gratitude in advance and apologies in advance as everyone wishing to serve as a Table Host will not be selected.  Those who are, your involvement will literally mean the difference between an adequate attendance and a highly successful event. Our past experience has been that this will be an enjoyable evening marked by good food, great conversation, and many opportunities to create long-lasting connections.   We look forward to seeing you and your guests at the event!




Dîner en Noir

Diner De Perfision

How to Become a #DEN Table Host in 7 Easy Steps
  1. Purchase your Full Experience Ticket.

  2. Download and Review the #DEN Table Host Info.

  3. Complete the #DEN Table Host Interest Form.

  4. One approved, make a list of whom you might want to invite. Brainstorm & think outside the box! Consider inviting neighbors, friends at work or church, and business associates whom you think might have an interest in the event.

  5.  Invite your guests personally via email or Facebook Event (important as we distribute information via the Facebook event).  Instruct them to go to the website at, click on the event under the Locations tab and register for the Full Experience BEFORE the deadline. 

  6. Follow up with your invited guests, ensuring that they register.  If they are uninterested, be sure to invite other guests to fill their spot.

  7. Once at least 10 Full Experience registrations have been completed under your name, you will receive a coupon code for a complimentary Full Experience registration.  Please Note:  Complimentary Coupon Code will only be valid until Standard Registration ends.​

That’s it.  Ready to get started?  Complete the below form.